We are leading manufacturers and exporters of premium quality leather products for the European markets and reputed brands across Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, France, Canada, and Australia. Backed by decades-long rich experience, we have our own factory for designing and producing superlative leather goods. It spans across a huge area with hundreds of skilled craftsmen who create the best leather wallets and bags.

Our exclusive internal and controlled factory is a strategic imperative that helps us deliver finest products to a demanding European market which has a categorical eye for quality.

Our commitment to making and supplying the finest leather products begins at the sourcing stage itself. We source finished leather domestically and internationally from Italy, the home of world-class leather. Meticulous artisans shape and style leather in-house into contemporary designs that not only meet the specifications of our customers, but exceed their expectations. Passing through a strict quality monitoring mechanism, we deliver our leather goods to precision.

Why us

  • More than 20 years’ learning experience in the leather industry
  • OED and OEM services
  • In-house designers
  • High quality Customized product
  • A solid international company with healthy growth
  • Highly skilled craftsmen
  • Independent and in house design of products
  • Strict quality monitoring mechanism
  • Timely delivery of products to meet customer deadlines

Indian Leather Industry

The Government of India has identified the Leather Sector as a Focus Sector in its Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14 in view of its immense potential for export growth prospects and employment generation. Accordingly, the Government is also implementing various Special Focus Initiatives under the Foreign Trade Policy for the growth of leather sector. With the implementation of industrial developmental programmes as well as export promotional activities; and keeping in view the past performance, and industry’s inherent strengths of skilled manpower, innovative technology, increasing industry compliance to international environmental standards, and dedicated support of allied industries, the Indian leather industry aims to augment production and enhance export to US$ 9.00 bn by 2013–14.

The leather industry holds a prominent place in the Indian economy, known for its consistency in high export earnings and its place among the top ten foreign exchange earners for the country. With an annual turnover of over US$ 7.5 billion, the export of leather and leather products increased manifold over the past decades and touched US$ 3.84 billion in 2010-11, recording a cumulative annual growth rate of about 5.87% (5 years).

Products we make:

Building on our culture of value, precision and trust, we undertake complete making of a host of leather products. With continuous modernization and technology upgradation, our approach is to provide clients with expertise to help them acquire the finest leather merchandise. Apart from sourcing the fine quality of hides, we continually devise newer and more stylish product and design ideas. This is combined with top-notch workmanship from skilled craftsmen who stitch and finish the products that define good taste and style; and are built to last and built to perform. Together, this enables us to maintain high quality and deliver maximum value, precision and trust.

Our comprehensive range of products is available in a range of specifications and styles:

Leather types

One of the key factors that create our high performance leather products is leather itself. Only the finest quality leather and help us realise our stylish designs and deliver precise results. We source finished leather domestically and internationally from Italy, the home of world-class leather. These varieties include:

Common colours include black, dark brown and chocolate.


When perfection is the goal, every detail is important. At the very onset of our production process, our highly-experienced inhouse design talent and skilled workmanship is our greatest advantage. They have the ability to envision and design the most beautiful wallets that would come alive with equally meticulous and aesthetic craftsmanship.

They review the customer design as per requirements of shape, size, thickness, leather type, softness of leather,  colour combination, packaging, box types and logo design. This is followed-through with a sharp production process that lends a customised feel to the product.


Every step in the sustainable processing uses time-proven techniques, which yield the right shape, consistency and durability in the leather and the most neat and fine finishing in terms of design. After procuring best-origin leather – importing from Italy for special requirements – they are put together delicately by the finest craftsmen applying age-old tradition, experience and modern concepts with the help of advanced machineries to produce a masterpiece. These technologies include state-of-the-art laser cutting machines for leather, German technology scaving machines and moulding machines. We recreate customer and specifications (pictures, sketches or actual samples), adding value through finer accessories and design variations as needed. The first step is to create a strong and sturdy design prototype, to which necessary changes can be made. Once the prototype is approved, production can begin.

The actual production phase can be divided into leather cutting, stitching, polishing, riveting, and packaging. In our integrated production facility, we dedicate groups of craftsmen to work on batches of goods – right from selection of leather to finished products. Design stencil or laser machine is used to cut the leather while the edges are shaved for stitching. This is followed by gluing, lining and stitching and finally the finished product. The production quality is stringently supervised at all times. And only the finest parts are passed on from one stage to the next.

Customer branding is accounted for in the various production stages of production such as logo embossing on the leather or putting metal logos. Inner lining and packaging boxes are specially ordered with the branding printed on them. Besides all-important leather, other inputs like linings, backing material and hardware are meticulously sourced both locally and imported. Before being packed they are quality inspected thoroughly.

Quality Control

Quality leather does not happen by chance, or without taking care of finer details. We begin with sourcing only the highest quality, low-blemish leather hides. Over the years, we have established the highest standard of quality control mechanism in house so that every product that we create stands up strongly to International quality standards. At every stage of production, our product is quality inspected to match specific criteria. While selecting, we check for marks, colour, clarity, bevel of leather and thickness of leather. During cutting, we ensure that the size and cuts are perfect. Later at the stitching stage, we check the quality of stitch and thread, to keep them free of any knots or protruding threads. Once the product is finished, we check for shape, appearance, firmness, branding, and all other parameters for perfection. We also verify that the quality of accessories (namely lining, board, metal frames and metal accessories, zippers, buttons and transparencies) are of the highest make and match firmly with customer requirements. Each product is then individually hand packed in special boxes. Finally, delivering quality means safety, environmental protection, reliability and delivering on time.

 Our technicians are rich with experience and have the finest eye that can spot minute errors, if any. They strictly adhere to SOPs checking for compliance with contract terms and requirements of the destination country. On production they re-check to for conformance to set parameters of the client before being finally approved for shipment.

Packaging & Shipment

We customise leather packaging to precision, as per client requirements. Products are first packed in handmade paper and then into a sturdy one piece box with silica gels to absorb moisture during transportation. Most leather shipments are done via air to protect products from humidity and retain their high-quality. Shipments are completed within one month from the order LC date, at times shipped within 10 days for urgent requirements. As the products are premium, the high freight cost only causes a marginal increase in the product cost.