• Leading Exporter of Cotton & Cotton Waste

    Leading Exporter of Cotton & Cotton Waste

    We are Merchant Exporters of Cotton & Cotton related products. Since our inception we have been exporting high quality cotton and have built up our experience in this trade for over 27 years.

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  • Exporting Leather products that we make with precision

    Manufacturers & Exporter of Leather Products

    We have been manufacturing and exporting Leather Goods since the 90’s to reputed brands across Europe and North America’s. Our strength lies in our quality workmanship and in-house product designing.

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  • Professional Sourcing Services

    Professional Sourcing Services

    Our China Sourcing services cover the whole processes of sourcing, from analysis to implementation. We provide outstanding professional & practical Sourcing services right from the manufacturer.

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We connect producers and users of Raw Cotton, Cotton Waste, Yarn Waste, Linters and Yarn through quality control & quick shipments.

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We have been exporting our comprehensive and high-quality leather products line to countries across Europe for over 20 years.

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We provide our clients with expertise to help them Source any product or design they desire from the Chinese & Asian markets.

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We leverage our strength in, and access to, energy markets to source oils and renewable resources for our customer.

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Chemicals & Minerals

We are leading exporters of VAM, mill scale and iron ores used in making key products across major international markets.

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