Company Profile

V P Udyog Ltd is a leading global exporter with an approach towards building a culture of value, precision and trust through our five core businesses with a comprehensive portfolio of products. Led by our global pool of experienced professionals, we export all growths of Indian cotton, manufacture and export leather products, strategically source from China, and supply renewable energy to the world from diverse sources. Established 27 years ago, we have continually inspired confidence among our clients by putting their needs first.

Originally an exporter of Indian Raw Cotton and manufacturer of leather goods, our company evolved into biological oils, strategic sourcing from China and chemicals & minerals. The ISO9001:2008 accredited corporation is now an integrated exporter through its network in India (Kolkata), China (Shanghai) and Denmark (Copenhagen). We satisfy numerous customers worldwide through collaboration and innovation, by sharing our global knowledge and by delivering value, precision and trust.

Company Culture

The V P Udyog Ltd culture is ingrained in who we are. It is the unifying force for our people across Asia and Europe. We are inclusive in our hiring, and our diverse global offices are testament to that. Open communication builds trust and collaboration, while our diversity creates a culture in which people share knowledge freely. We value diversity in thoughts and respect differences. The result is a team that reflects the multicultural environment that we operate in.

Our commitment to innovation depends on leveraging every professional’s personal excellence and collaborating with our customers. Ours is an intense-performance and deeply-ethical culture that emphasizes high-integrity business practices but extends beyond it to ensure the right work-life balance. This creates a responsible and positive environment for our stakeholders and a growing culture of value, trust and mutual respect.


Our vision is to become the leader in cotton and bio-fuel exports from India by continually building a culture of value, precision and trust.


Our mission is to facilitate sustainable, effective and ethical trade through quality products and services that inspire confidence. We are committed to delivering value for money to our global customers and stakeholders. We strive to realise this everyday by setting highest standards of products, service, reliability, safety and cost effectiveness in our industry.

Our Values

Our values define us. They are the fundamental beliefs shared by everyone at V P Udyog Ltd; a compass of our actions and influence the way we behave and work – as we satisfy customers and engage across global businesses. Our values include:

  • Integrity and honesty: Extremely valuable to us as an organization and for each individual who is a part of it – they are the cornerstones that help foster a positive work environment.
  • Trust: In people and work, is valuable and vital for us to build and deliver on our shared vision
  • Collaboration: To best leverage the collective knowledge and strengths of our people, vendors, clients and stakeholders.
  • Innovation: To seek new ways to harness the benefits of technology and yet be conscious of the environment every day.
  • Precision: Insistence on delivering world class quality and processes by leveraging on best practices in the industry.

Our Strengths:

V P Udyog Ltd. continues its growth story with its ever-expanding reach. This achievement is the result of distinguished quality, and prompt customer service which enables us to be trusted long term partners to our clients.