Corporate Social Responsibility

As an agricultural products and renewable energy exports company, corporate social responsibility is part of our culture of trust. It echoes our long-standing commitment to economic prosperity for us and the world. It embodies our belief in giving back to the communities where we do business and the environment where we operate in.

At V P Udyog Ltd, we are aware that our global reach demands exemplary stewardship in environment-friendliness. We are passionate about and dedicated to minimize environmental impact, launch new businesses dealing with renewable energy sourcing and seek to reduce our carbon footprint. The pillars of our corporate social responsibility are:

Our values

Staying environment-friendly across our businesses encourages us to act as responsible corporate citizens.

Our processes

We look upon innovation as a way to preserve and protect our environment, by using energy and resources more wisely. Thus, we consciously choose spinning mill vendors located close to the sea port (which also helps reduce energy costs). This helps us and our customers shrink their environmental footprints.

Our people

We want to create socially aware, active and conscious people who respect our planet. We conduct regular awareness programs among our employees to reduce consumption of paper and conservation of water and electricity.

Our premises

We understand that change begins from within. We are currently installing energy-efficient LED lighting across our office and warehouses, and this will soon move to other areas. Lately, we have moved most of our paperwork to the “cloud” reducing it by 50% within a year.

Our clients

We respect that clients today are aware of their responsibility towards the earth and encourage partnerships with those who share their vision.